Scaffolding Tube & Fittings

Another popular scaffolding system is tubes & fittings. ERW steel tubes are used in combination with various couplers to erect a strong structure. The couplers are either forged or pressed sheet metal, available in different sizes, depending upon final application.

Scaffolding tubes are used in different sizes, as mentioned below :

Outer Diameter Thickness Finish
48.3mm 2.9mm Black or
48.3mm 3.2mm Electro Galvanized
48.3mm 3.6mm Length: 6m or as Per
48.3mm 3.8mm Customer Requirement
60.3mm 4mm

Forged Couplers

Right Angle Coupler
Swivel Coupler
Girder Coupler
Putlog Coupler
Forged Cuplor
Swivel Body
Right Angle Body