Props are the most widely used support systems for shuttering due to its simple & innovative construction & ability to with stand heavy loads. The strong inner & outer tubes provide flexibility for safe working & different heights. Our heavy duty props are manufactured with automatic drilling & welding machines to ensure consistent products. The products are manufactured as per customer order & design. In addition to complete props, we supply prop accessories as below:

Heavy Duty Prop

Type A :
Closed height 2m
Max. Extended height 3.75
Outer pipe Size: 60.3mm x 3.6mm
Inner pipe size: 48.3mm x 2.9mm

Type B :
Closed height 3m Max. Extended height 4.75m
Outer pipe size:60.3mm x 3.6
Inner pipe size:48.3mm x 2.9mm

Prop Sleeve
Prop Nut Heavy Duty Threaded
Prop Nut Heavy Duty Threaded with Handle Zinc Plated
Prop Nut Heavy Duty for Pipe
Size 76mm
Top & Bottom Plate
Size: 120 X 120 or 150 X 150
Thickness: 5mm or 6mm
Locking Pin